Friday, November 25, 2005


Mozart: the Linz Symphony

Mozart completed the "Linz" Symphony (K.425) at Linz on November 3, 1783, and it was first performed at a concert in the same city the following day; hence its nickname. Just as Beethoven's first symphonies give evidence of his admiration for both Haydn and Mozart, in the same way this symphony manifests Mozart's deep veneration for Haydn, but his own individual style is clearly evident both in its construction and instrumentation. Such innovations appear as the use of trumpets in the slow Movement, and the Introduction of a subordinate Theme in that same Movement which overshadows the principal Theme in importance. Another disticnt departure from the Haydn tradition is the elaborate development period in both the first and last movements. It is interesting to note that the principal Theme and the subordinate Theme in the first Movement are so much alike that unless one listens closely they appear to be exactly the same.


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