Thursday, November 24, 2005


Mozart: Symphonies

Viewed in its total scope, the symphonies of Mozart manifest two fundamental qualities whose presence may be taken for granted in the work of any true Master, but which stand out in almost unparalleled prominence.

First, a frank and unquestioning affirmation of the basic, natural, conditions of tonal relations and discipline. Any inclination to abandon or modify these simple paths, any grotesque subversion of Nature's law, was absolutely foreign to Mozart's musical creed; such originality, such emotional or dramatic impulses as his music reflects, are all held firmly within these natural bounds. His melody wells up pure and sweet out of the most wholesome and productive soil, and this elemental outflow is graced with melodic and rhythmic adornments that we associate with Mozart and no one else.

Second, truly exquisite workmanship in every technical respect---melody, harmony, modulation, counterpoint, and structural adjustment.

It is these qualities that make Mozart so universally revered and beloved, and assure him the unique distinction of being "the finest and truest model, the safest and surrest guide, for every listener of musical expression."


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